Oil Pen for Surgical Instrument Lubrication

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The lubrication delivered by washer/decontaminators may be insufficient to reduce friction in hinged surgical instruments.

Apply targeted lubrication with the OIL PEN to the joints, hinges, locks, threads or friction surfaces of instruments such as clamps, scissors or punches, after they have been carefully cleaned and disin- fected and prior to sterilization.

This can help prevent metal-on-metal friction and therefore constitutes a preventive measure against friction corrosion. In this way, the instruments are kept functional and hinge action maintained.

  • Physiologically safe food grade synthetic and paraffinic oil.
  • Vapor permeable for steam autoclave (134C/273F).
  • Heat resistant to over 180C (356F) for heat sterilization.
  • Provides excellent corrosion and oxidation protection and is odorless, transparent and free of silicone.

Each oil pen contains approximately 1000 drops.

Catalog #OP200