STOPPER Foot & Corner Sterile Wrapping Shield (500-pack)


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Stopper® Foot Corner Shield

The Stopper® Foot and Corner Shield is designed and used to help prevent holes, rips and tears in the sterile wrappings from sharp corners and feet on surgical trays. The product will help prevent this from occurring and will benefit the customer in terms cost savings, time and frustration from having to reprocess surgical trays where the sterile wrapping has been ripped or torn and is considered contaminated.

The Stopper® is available in two (2) different styles the 6100 and 7100. Both products are high quality medical devices with the look and feel of a reusable product. However, they are low cost reposables (multi-use) and are very economical to use for all surgical trays.

The #7100 Stopper®

  • Large base with holes that allow complete circulation of the sterilizing agent and air flow for faster dry times.
  • Works especially well with Large, Heavy trays with offset feet or receded feet, frequently found on loaner orthopedic trays.
  • Will accommodate both round or straight corner surgical trays.

Packaging of Product

  1. 500 each per case.
  2. 5 bags of 100 in poly bags. Easy storage under work station.
  3. Each case is bar coded for traceability.
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