Non-Aerosol Enzymatic Foam Cleaning Solution


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Cunningham Woodland's non-aerosol enzymatic foam solution for surgical instrument cleaning now comes in convenient single-use squeeze bottles. Also available in cases of 48. 

A surgical instrument non-aerosol pre-cleaner that conveniently guards against post-operative, residual "bio-burden build up".

Conforms to "AORN Recommended Practices for Environmental Cleaning. Recommendation ll.c.6" regarding application of enzymes in a perioperative setting.


Benefits and Advantages:

CST-402SQ enzymatic foam spray in convienent single use squeeze bottles is a surgical instrument pre-cleaner that guards against post-operative, residual “bio-burden build up”.
CST-402SQ enzymatic foam spray eliminates messy pre-soak solutions that spill and contaminate healthcare workplaces
Stops dried on blood - enzyme foam prevents stubborn organic encrustation on surgical instruments.
When added to a case cart it will be available for every procedure!
Neutral pH - safe and effective for stainless steel, tungsten carbide, aluminum and brass instruments.
Bacteriostatic - microbiological control agents inhibit bacterial growth in the ready-to-use foam solution.
Competitively priced - cost efficiency coupled with outstanding performance
Saves time - long lasting foam reduces frequency of spray applications
Multi-Enzymatic - contains a synergistic blend of lipase and protease enzymes.
Order #CST402SQ 48 – 4 oz. bottles per case


Material Safety Data Sheet .pdf