12mm Connector / Male Luer Lock 10′ Insufflation Set


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12mm Connector / Male Luer Lock 10′ Insufflation Set / PS-0012

12mm Connector / Male Luer Lock  – Sterile, 60/case (PS-0012)
12mm Connector / Male Luer Lock – Non-Sterile, 50/case (PS-0012-NSM-50)

    • 10′ Insufflation Tubing Set
    • 12mm Connector – Insufflator End
    • Rotating Male Luer Lock on the Patient End
    • 0.1 Micron Hydrophobic ULPA Filter Media
    • Latex and DEHP Free

12mm connector Fits over the large mouth, gas output port fitting of the WOLF,
STORZ, and LINVATEC insufflators, including:

Manufacturer Model #
LINVATEC GS1002, GS2000 (with adapter)
STORZ 26432020
WOLF 2221, 2231, 2232, 2236


JosNoe insufflation products are compatible with all commonly used insufflator systems. Our insufflation tubing sets are 100% latex-free and DEHP-free. Our premium Soft-Touch Tubing provides exceptional handling and exceeds industry and OEM standards for flow-through performance. Our Soft-Touch Tubing is both pliable and non-collapsing so that you can drape and positioned the tubing exactly as you want without compromising performance.

Our insufflation sets use premium, ULPA-grade anti-backflow filter media that remove airborne microorganisms and particulates down to 0.1 microns. With a 45% more surface area than other insufflation filters, JosNoe insufflation sets enable uncompromised filtering at both high and low airflow rates. The hydrophobic filter surface prevents backflow of fluids so that you can reduce the risk of damage to your equipment and contamination from filtered biohazards.