Cunningham Woodland, Inc. is pleased to offer an inspection and repair program for rigid sterilization containers. Over 35 years ago, sterilization containers were first introduced into the U.S. market and approximately 96% of hospitals now utilize them. Fifty percent of the containers in use today have been in service for over 10 years! With the increasing age of the containers in use comes a myriad of problems:

  • Damaged or worn out gaskets
  • Latches damaged or missing parts
  • Damaged gasket sealing surfaces
  • Broken or missing springs
  • Broken latch connecting posts
  • Bent lids or bottoms
  • Filter plates

These problems, if left unaddressed, could compromise the integrity of the sterile instruments. In order to address these issues, routine preventative maintenance is vital for a properly functioning container.

CWis Seven Point Container Repairs

  • Repair/replace all damaged parts
  • Resurface setting edges
  • Re-align gasket channels
  • Replace gasket (if failure)
  • Remove all dents
  • Adjust filter plates
  • Adjust latches

Repairing Most Major Brands!