Repeat actions under the rigors of regular use, your power tools may not be functioning at peak performance, or may be in need of full overhaul and repair.

Our expert staff of highly-trained technicians will comprehensively inspect, evaluate and can refurbish or fully repair your power tools to keep them running smoothly, saving you thousands of dollars.

We specialize in complete repair and preventative maintenance of power equipment and accessories by all major manufacturers, including:

  • Zimmer®
  • Hall®
  • 3M®
  • Stryker®
  • MicroAire®
  • Midas Rex®
  • Synthes®
  • And, many more…

CWI can perform any power tool or power driver repair ranging from refurbishing to a complete overhaul. Our technical capabilities and superior service are beyond compare. We also track all of your tool repairs in our real-time database to provide you with updates, or a repair history of your equipment.

Fast Turnaround
You'll be very pleased with our fast turnaround times on all repairs, and our 120-day warranty. Our comprehensive power tools inspection and performance test includes:

  • Speed test
  • Torque/Power test
  • Seal test
  • Heat test
  • Vibration test
  • Locking mechanism test

By using our six-point inspection protocol performed on all tools that you entrust to us for repair, we will work to quickly and fully restore your tools' functionality. Contact us for details.