When You Use the Iron Intern Retraction System Everyone Benefits:


  • Less risk of trauma through slippage. The Iron Intern locks in place and will not move.
  • Less risk of wound trauma. The Iron intern remains steady and constant.
  • Less risk of hematoma and other trauma from pressure on tissues, as the Iron Intern does not depend on tissue to hold its position.
  • Suitable for fragile organs such as liver, pancreas and intestines.
  • Often less time under anesthesia, since Iron Intern can shorten the procedures.


  • Constant exposure even after many operating hours.
  • Optimal access to the surgical site. No longer has to work around hands of the assistant.
  • Reliable traction of exact tension desired- from a few grams to 12 kilos (26 1/2lbs).
  • Total maneuverability of retractors through a full range of motion, thanks to a design that mimics the human arm.
  • Greater control over results, as the surgeon positions adjusts a fixed the retractors.
  • Hands are used for operating, not retraction.
  • Not having to instruct an assistant in retractor placement can reduce procedures time.
  • The ability to perform some procedures without assistants, when necessitated by major catastrophes or war. In normal circumstances, often only a single assistant is needed.
  • Set up and repositioning is quick and easy. Totally independent, the Iron Intern does not require frames or holders. The simple clamp holding loosened to reposition the retractor.
  • A single wing nut fixes the arm in the position wanted.
  • Greater control over results, as the surgeon positions, adjusts and fixes the retractors.


  • Hands are free to assist surgeon.
  • Since not needed for retraction, staff can concentrate on other important tasks.
  • Clean up is quick and simple. The Iron Intern can be autoclaved as one unit.
  • Medical Students learn better, since attention is not divided between retraction duties and observation.


  • Fewer scrubbed staff means lower cost in terms of disposable gowns, masks, gloves, booties.
  • Better staff utilization has enabled some institutions to open additional operating theaters.


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