McGan Technology‘s MM513 Electrosurgical insulation defect detector is a compact, hand held, battery operated unit that is used to detect and locate defects such as pinholes, cracks and bare spots in protective coatings applied over conductive instrument’s surfaces.


LED voltage indicator
Voltage control up and down buttons
Visual and audible alarm indicator
On and off switches
Adjustable from 0 to 5 kV
Ground wire with alligator clip
Rechargeable LiPo battery
Battery pack and charging adapter (optional)
Light weight portable unit
Reusable/interchangeable brush or ring electrode
Simple operation, easy to read LED indicators
Maintains applied test voltage with constant current source
Full test current at low voltages
Limited output current for operator safety


-Insulation defect testing of electrosurgical instruments and cables
     Intra-operative Instruments

-Monopolar and bipolar surgical devices-Checks both disposable and reusable instruments