InstruSafe Instrument Protection Trays have evolved to keep up with advancements in surgical instrumentation. Baskets of the past do little to protect today’s intricate instruments, and dated plastic trays break down and warp.

InstruSafe Trays

InstruSafe® Instrument Protection Trays are perforated metal trays — or cassettes — with feet, handles, latches, and most often, silicone instrument holders. Various lengths, widths and heights are available to accommodate different sizes and quantities of instruments within a particular set.

The aluminum construction of our trays is lighter than stainless steel, yet more durable than plastic. This makes them more resistant to breakage, which in turn reduces replacement costs. They are also designed with various foot style options to accommodate different sterilization methods and sterile barrier types.

InstruSafe Trays are designed for use with both wrap and rigid containers during sterilization.

Types of trays available include:

Preconfigured Flexible Scope Trays

Preconfigured Scope & Cable Trays

Preconfigured Rigid Scope Trays

XL Transport Container System

Senhance™ Surgical Robotic System

da Vinci® Xi®

InstruSafe Care & Maintenance Products

Our new product line offers a variety of sterile processing solutions designed to help improve efficiencies and surgical outcomes at affordable prices from a trusted and reliable source.

Types of sample care & maintenance kits available include:

Instrument Protection

Instrument Cleaning

Instrument Identification

Sterilization Prep