At CWI we repair and replace your fiber optic or bifurcated headlight cables - saving you thousands of dollars.

Damaged, broken, or burned out cables drastically reduce critical light transmission and clarity. When cables break, CWI provides you with full service and fast turnaround, with most repairs completed in 2-3 days.

Keep the workhorse of your OR in tip-top shape. We perform repairs and replacements on all makes, models and lengths of fiber optic cables, including bifurcated and specialty cables.

Once we receive your cable, our service department will perform a careful examination to determine if it is repairable, and if so, we'll make sure your cable is restored to its original specifications.

Types of components repaired:

  • Single light cables
  • Bifurcated light cables
  • Lighted retractors
  • Surgical headlights

Types of repairs:

  • Replacement of fiber bundle
  • Replacement of outer sheathing (when needed)
  • Replacement or repair of end fittings
  • 90 day workmanship and material warranty
  • 3 to 5 day in-house turnaround