CST 442 Scope Zyme Endoscopic Cleaning Kit (50ml)

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Enzymatic Scope Cleaning Sponge Set
For Surgical Instruments and all types of Scopes

Product Features:

• Non-scratching sponge, biodegradable.

Enzymatic Detergent Solution:
• Extra strength bio-burden penetrant, five component enzyme system -
fast and effective removal of stubborn organic encrustation.
• Excellent on flexible fiber optics, endoscopes and other tubular instruments, respiratory
equipment, and bedside medical equipment. Compatible with plastics, polymers, glass,
stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten carbide, copper, brass, and numerous other materials.
• No metal-attacking agents. Does not contain scale-forming phosphates, chlorides or hydroxides.
Sponge is pH neutral.
• Multi-enzymatic cleaner contains a synergistic blend of lipase and protease enzymes.