Neutral pH Detergent (Low Foam)

CST 401-L

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CST-400 and CST-400 SCLF (super conc., low foam)


Automatic Washer Detergent 
Neutral pH, Low Foam

CST-400 is specially formulated to clean surgical instruments in automatic washer/decontaminator where low foam and a neutral pH is critical. 

Product Features

Cleans a Wide Range of Metal Surfaces – Safe and effective for stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten carbide, copper and brass instruments. 

Free of Metal-Attacking Agents – Does not contain scale-forming phosphates, chlorides or hydroxides. 

Penetrates Bio-Burden – Frees instruments of stubborn organic encrustation. 

Counteracts Hard Water – Chelating additives help protect instruments by preventing scale buildup. 

Versatility – Formulated for all brands of automatic washer/decontaminators.