Moderate Alkaline Detergent CST-110CK


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Alkaline Detergent for automatic Washers 
No Neutralizer Required

Product Features  

Safe Moderate Alkaline Single Product – No neutralizer required.

Or combined with other CST products - If desired CST-110 CK can be used in combination with CST-200 or with CST-404.

Pre-soak for badly stained stainless steel surgical instruments – Can be used undiluted to help remove instrument stains. 

Cleans and Protects – Provides powerful cleaning action and passivation layer protection for stainless steel instruments. 

Counteracts hard water (maintains instrument surface) – Strong chelating additives helps protect instruments by preventing scale buildup and allowing undesirable hard water minerals to be completely rinsed. 

Versatility – Formulated for all brands of automatic washer units.   


Caution – CST-110 CK are not compatible with some aluminum alloys and some mixed metal - test first before use in your washer.