Strong Alkaline Detergent


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For Automatic Washer/Decontaminators

Cleans and Protects Surgical Instruments

Strong alkaline buffer system maintains proper cleaning and protection performance.

Dual Cleaning Action

Alkaline buffer/polymer system providers two modes of cleaning performance

Counteracts Hard Water

Chelating additives help protect instruments by preventing scale build up and staining.


Highly concentrated, for best economy. Only two ounces are needed per nine-gallon wash cycle. (Hamo T-21)

Directions for Use

Program the machine to deliver 2 fl. oz (60 ml) per nine gallon wash cycle. For most applications, this should give optimum cleaning performance. On occasion, more or less detergent may be requred depending upon water quality and bio-burden load. A pH of 11-11.5 is a good indication of correct dosage. Be sure to follow up with neutrailization using CST200 Neutralizer Concentrate.