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  •   Cunningham Woodland Inc - Surgical Supplies & Repairs Since 1980



  • Semken Dressing Forceps

    5” fine-point serrated Semken Dressing Forceps intended for use in delicate surgical procedures. High-quality stainless steel construction. SKU: 106-3022

  • Adson Brown Tissue Forceps

    4 3/4” fine-toothed Adson Brown forceps intended for grasping soft tissue during delicate surgical procedures. Side grasping. 7x7 teeth. SKU: 106-2512

  • Adson Tissue Forceps

    4 3/4” Adson Tissue Forceps featuring interlocking teeth for use during surgical procedures in constricted areas. Available in 1x2 and 2x3 teeth options and multiple tip-types.  SKUs: 106-2312, 106-2113,...

  • Adson Dressing & Tissue Forceps

    6” Adson Dressing & Tissue Forceps featuring toothed or serrated tips for picking up tissue and/or gauze dressings during delicate surgical procedures. SKUs: 106-2315, 106-2215, 106-2115, 106-2015

  • Adson Dressing Forceps

    4 3/4” Adson Dressing Forceps intended for holding gauze, packaging wounds or changing dressings during surgical procedures. Available in micro, delicate and carbide serrated tips.  SKUs: 106-2212, 106-2012,...